You can rip my heart out and tear it in two (Close)
Beansprouts switch between folkcountry, intimate material and tasty countryrock. The catchy song “Close” (a radio single?) is a highlight, and not even because Gurf Morlix plays pedal steel on it.”
Bart Ebish - Hanx 

“Kemerlings and de Kleer are singer songwriters in the right sense of the word. This is how we like to hear these songs best, warm, recognizable and from the heart. Beautiful intimate songs taking turns with stronger stuff, fine arrangements, pleasant voices, great lyrics with depth and great atmospheres. The songs are convincing and never slick or dull.
Happy go lucky contains all the ingredients of an excellent alternative country record.”  Sjak janssen- Folkforum

“a surprisingly strong and versatile debut. They have an incredibly effective pen at their disposal for writing memorable pop songs; therefore this is a record that doesn’t seem to leave your CD player.
With this debut Beansprouts manifest themselves as the new standard barriers of Dutch rootsmusic. A very big promise for the future.” Erwin zijleman -Velvet Music

“ a guaranteed hit in your car stereo”
Ronald besemer - Kinda Music

“ a surprisingly mature piece of work, with all original compositions that stand out piece by piece. The production sounds fresh and crisp, the musicians sound professional and a very strong point is the way the voices of Kemerlings and de Kleer seem to be designed for each other.”
Rene Leverink-

“better believe us, Rootsville is not always so generous with compliments
But for this heavenly duo we make an exception. A must have!”
Swa – Rootsville

“with Happy go lucky beansprouts instantly belong to the absolute top of the European Rootsmusic scene, and they achieve the impossible by putting out a perfect debut album.”
Benny Metten - Ctr.Alt.Country

“Real roots music. An absolute strongpoint is the switching of lead vocals. Some of the songs sound like classic Woody Guthrie or Hank Williams but this record certainly sounds like it’s made in 2008. What a beautiful record” Valsam - Rootstime
“ a tasty record that anyone should try”
Jan Janssen – Real RootsCafe

“pure and honest Americana. In a warm and effective way they know how to bring across the right authentic atmosphere, complete with banjo’s and fiddles and a characteristic tear in the eye.”  VPRO 3voor12

“The roots/Americana music of Beansprouts is a very pleasant listening experience. You can easily picture yourself in an old Lincoln cruising down an American highway. Vocally very strong and authentic sounding.
This is REAL music.”  JG – Backline Magazine




"Electric acoustic roots music with a Dutch American flavor"

Happy Go Lucky